Monthly Archives: November 2015

2911, 2015

Teambuilding Lotto Soudal

This week riders and staff of Lotto Soudal went three days to Vaals, in the Netherlands, for the annual teambuilding. The team stayed at the Landal park. There were several activities on the […]

2711, 2015

Presentation new rider: Jelle Wallays

Jelle Wallays is one of the three new riders who signed a pro contract with Lotto Soudal in 2016. The inhabitant of Staden makes the switch to the WorldTour after being part of […]

2611, 2015

Lotto Soudal receives licence for 2016

As expected, Lotto Soudal got its licence for 2016. The UCI announced a list of all the WorldTour teams for 2016. Considering the long-term agreements with several partners and the strength of the dossier, […]

2511, 2015

Medical screening riders

Cycling demands a lot of the body, therefore every Lotto Soudal rider has to undergo an extensive medical examination. Before the riders left on team building, their bodies were tested thoroughly […]

2311, 2015

De Buyst and Vergaerde third at Lotto Six-Days Flanders-Ghent

After six days of hard work Jasper De Buyst and Otto Vergaerde finished third at the Lotto Six-Days Flanders-Ghent. On the exciting last day four duos battled till the end for the three […]

2211, 2015

Lotto Six-Day Flanders-Ghent

Lotto Six-Day Flanders-Ghent: Day 5

It will be an exciting last day of the Lotto Six-Day Flanders-Ghent. The Lotto duo Jasper De Buyst and Otto Vergaerde, second in the ranking, are only two points […]

2011, 2015

The off-season

The riders and staff of Lotto Soudal started their preparation towards 2016. The first training kilometres are ridden and plans are being made. Not every rider prepares the season  the same way; some of them practise […]

1811, 2015

Valier: custom-made earphones

Since May 2012 Thierry De Ridder, audiologist and manufacturer of earpieces, is a partner of the team. His company, Valier, produces customised earphones and earplugs for the riders and sports directors. Also next […]

1511, 2015

De Buyst looks ahead to Lotto Six-Day Flanders-Ghent

Next week thousands of cycling fans will go to ‘t Kuipke to watch the Lotto Six-Day Flanders-Ghent (17 – 22 November). Jasper De Buyst (almost 22), who will partner up with Otto Vergaerde […]