Lotto Soudal has concluded a partnership with the Belgian company Allnuts that has been producing nuts and dried fruit of the highest quality for over twenty years. Allnuts is a family business from Limburg that selects the best ingredients in their own artisanal roasting house. Allnuts handles all the products themselves. They roast the nuts and they candy the fruit in their own atelier. The company offers a BIO range as well. This season, Lotto Soudal can dispose of a wide range for the three teams.

Domien Rodiers, manager Allnuts : « Twenty years ago, we took a step aside from our wholesale in vegetables and fruit and we founded Allnuts. It turned out to be a success. The past years, we namely delivered to wholesales and stores. Last year we created a webshop to sell directly to private individuals. To better reach our target public, we decided to conclude a partnership with Lotto Soudal. Several riders were already client and thus we could make contact with the team. Of course, athletes are part of our target public. We supply healthy and nutritious products. Lotto Soudal can choose from a wide range of products from Allnuts such as nuts, dried fruits, seeds, kernels, oatmeal and cereal. During the races the VIPs can also savour the nuts of Allnuts.”

You can find more information about Allnuts and details of each product on their website: