Tomasz Marczynski will stay three more years at Lotto Soudal, until the end of 2020. The now 33-year-old former Polish champion joined the team last year. In 2016 he suffered from health issues, but his contract was still extended by one year. This season Marczynski could do an excellent job for his teammates and he won two stages at La Vuelta.

Tomasz Marczynski: “The team has always kept its confidence in me, even with my health issues last year. Now they prove their belief in me again with this contract extension. I really wanted to stay in this team, because it feels like one big family. I also like to create a good atmosphere myself. During the race I always motivate everyone and when we’re in the hotel I make sure we all have a laugh. Everyone in the team appreciates that.”

“I am lucky to ride in a team where I feel so good and where I can be myself, that’s why I’m so happy to extend my contract by three years. That security takes away the stress, the next years I only have to focus on my job.”

“I am happy that I could give two Vuelta stage wins to the team this season. That way I could thank the team for the support they offered me last year. I had to rebuild my condition again from zero and I got the necessary time for it, without any pressure.”

“I love my job as a gregario, but I also like the fact that I can have a go of my own on certain occasions. I will fully commit to my tasks the next years and I will try to grab my own chances when it’s possible.”