An infection forced Maxime Monfort to abandon La Vuelta with only four stages left to go. It was the first time in his career that the Belgian had to leave a Grand Tour, it was his eighteenth ever. Monfort took antibiotics and recovered well. In the meantime he has resumed his trainings.

Due to a crash on training Rafael Valls couldn’t participate in La Vuelta. Less than two weeks before the start in Nîmes he fractured his hip. He had to take sufficient rest. At the moment he still isn’t training yet, but he will soon start a rehabilitation schedule which will consist of cycling, but also swimming amongst other things. The season is over for Valls.

In the beginning of August Jürgen Roelandts underwent hip surgery. He has been riding his bike again since the beginning of this month and the intensity of the trainings is being gradually increased. Because the recovery will take about three months, Roelandts won’t be racing anymore this year.

Louis Vervaeke, who suffered from overfatigue, has been building up his training intensity the past few months. Rider and medical staff are satisfied about the progress he has made. It’s not clear yet if Vervaeke will still race this season.

Frederik Frison has had two setbacks this year. After he incurred a pelvic fracture in a crash at Quatre Jours de Dunkerque, he got glandular fever. Frison could only rest. When someone has glandular fever the liver and spleen are enlarged. That causes function disruptions and in a crash these organs could rupture. The past months Frison was monitored. The infection is decreasing and Frison has resumed his trainings. Also for Frison it’s not sure yet if he will still race in 2017.