The Lotto Soudal riders can sleep like a log thanks to the pillows of Sanapur. The pillows of Sanapur have a unique shape which offers a huge ergonomic advantage. Sanapur will supply the team with mattress toppers too. The riders will definitely have a good night’s sleep thanks to Sanapur.

Servaas Bingé, team doctor Lotto Soudal: “As Joop Zoetemelk said: “You win the Tour in bed.” It’s true that sleep is an important part in the life of a top athlete. Recovery consists of four pillars. You have rehydration and refuel, which is resupplying the fluids and carbs in the body. Rebuild is the rebuilding of the proteins and the fourth pillar is relax and rest. Training is important, but you only get better when you also take the necessary rest after a training.”

“Averagely, a rider needs to sleep for eight hours, but that differs per person. During the sleep the muscles are reinforced. As a team, we want to create the best possible conditions to stimulate that sleep. At races, the accommodation often is far from ideal and we want to exclude these coincidences as much as possible. It’s an advantage that the riders can sleep on the same pillow every night.”

The Sanapur Original pillows offer several advantages. Because of their unique shape they correct your posture. The spinal vertebrae are stretched and that relieves muscle tension. The blood will circulate optimally and the muscles will relax. The riders will wake up in top shape.

Ludwig Dehottay, shareholder – managing director of Sanapur International GmbH&Co.KG: “The Sanapur Original pillow was designed at the end of the nineties by Gerard Guez, a French osteopath. In 2013, a Swiss company introduced it on the market. At first, it was mainly bought by people with a medical profession. Physiotherapists recognized the advantages compared to the regular pillows that were for sale. In 2012, my partners and I established Sanapur International, a German company. In 2015, we bought the trademark Sanapur, so we could sell the pillow worldwide. We want to sell the Sanapur Original pillow to a wider range of people.”

“Last year, we got in contact with Lotto Soudal. This spring, all riders got a Sanapur Original pillow. Our pillows don’t only make sure you sleep well, but they also act as a prevention. You will be more fit than someone who sleeps badly. We hope this cooperation creates new opportunities. In general, in sports one does not pay enough attention to sleep. Lotto Soudal shows how it needs to be.”

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