The Lotto Soudal Ladies rode very well at Dwars door de Westhoek yesterday, the fourth race of the Lotto Cycling Cup. Unfortunately, they weren’t rewarded with a victory.

On Saturday the team participated in 7-Dorpenomloop Aalburg. Four of the six Lotto Soudal Ladies crashed: Isabelle Beckers, Elise Delzenne, Annelies Dom and Trine Schmidt. Luckily, they only had abrasions. Most of the team was eliminated, but Chantal Hoffmann finished on a nice tenth place. That was three minutes after Marianne Vos had won her home race. Puck Moonen got seventeenth.

A day later the team had a new chance at Dwars door de Westhoek. The peloton started in Boezinge for a race of 131 kilometres. The wind caused splits in the bunch early on in the race. Lotto Soudal was very attentive and had four riders in the front group of eighteen: Elise Delzenne, Annelies Dom, Lotte Kopecky and Trine Schmidt. WM3 was also represented by four riders: Kitchen, Korevaar, Scandolara and Tenniglo. Sylvie Boermans chased on her own for a very long time. She never came closer than thirty seconds.

The route ran three times over the Rodeberg. The first two times Elise Delzenne was the first to cross the top. The last time she was second. Elise won the KOM prize thanks to these results. Then the women headed back to Boezinge for three local laps of 11.8 kilometres. Just before entering the first lap, Sanne Cant crashed and fell out of the front group. There was a strong wind on the local circuit, which reduced the number of leaders even more. Lauren Kitchen attacked in the first lap. Everyone was looking at the Lotto Soudal Ladies to chase and so they did. Trine Schmidt stayed the longest with Lotte Kopecky at the front. Even after she had been distanced, Trine returned to the group to pull some more. Kitchen got caught in the last lap. Then her teammate Valentina Scandolara accelerated. She could stay ahead till the finish. Eleven seconds later Nathalie Van Gogh got second. Marta Giulia Confalonieri could step on the podium as third. Lotte Kopecky won the sprint of her group at 29 seconds and got fifth, behind Valerie Demey. Lotte remains the best young rider in the classification of the Lotto Cycling Cup.