Diary Victor Campenaerts part 1


In the run-up to the Hour Record attempt, Lotto Soudal will give twice a week an inside look into the preparation of Victor Campenaerts. On the one hand, Victor will talk about the run-up, on the other hand we will each time highlight a specific topic.

Part 1: 35 days to go – Between Namibia and Italy

Victor Campenaerts: “Sleeping in my own bed for the first time in 2019”

“On Monday morning last week, I arrived back in Belgium after a 60-day training camp in Namibia. The first day of my return was packed with appointments. I preferred it that way instead of doing something each day. My parents drove me around all day which gave us the time to catch up with each other in the car. Of course, they sympathize with me. Around midday, I stopped at The Foodmaker for lunch and afterwards, I went to Energy Lab for a body composition scan where I was very satisfied with the result. After that, I headed to Brussels to explain the media all about the attempt during a press moment. Then, I had another appointment in Rotselaar and in the evening I was a guest in the ‘Van Gils & gasten’ talk show.”

“At home in Herent, I emptied my suitcase and then I slept for a long time, for the first time since the end of 2018 in my own bed. It felt good to breathe in ‘familiar air’. From Tuesday night till Friday morning, I stayed with my girlfriend Fanny Lecluyse in Dottenijs. Even the rainy weather during my training rides could not keep me out of balance after two months of training in sunny and warm conditions. I was of course very happy to see Fanny again and to be able to spend a couple of days together. Friday night, I slept in an altitude room so that my body won’t get the chance to detox from the altitude effect. On Saturday, I did a training session that I repeat every year which allows me to compare how the shape is. Afterwards, me and Fanny went on a trip. Yesterday, it was her birthday but because I had to leave for Tirreno-Adriatico, we celebrated a bit earlier.”

Kevin De Weert and Valérie D’haeze prospect in Mexico 

Last week, Kevin De Weert (performance manager) and Valérie D’haeze (head of administration and logistics) traveled to Mexico where the necessary preparations were made before Victor takes off to Aguascalientes.

Kevin De Weert: “We went to Mexico with some specific goals in mind. We received the help of a former Mexican pro and a Belgian who both live in Aguascalientes. Victor prefers to stay in a house, so we wanted to have a look at different options. Sufficient space, safety and relatively close to the track were amongst the most important criteria. We found something that met those expectations. Of course, we also went to see the track. We wanted to make appointments concerning training moments, arranging a derny, going through the organizational aspects together with our partner Golazo, signing contracts,… We also looked for hotel accommodation for the UCI, Tissot, the doping inspectors and we also arranged the transport on location.”

“It looks like that everything can be arranged from Belgium but we found out that the visit there was an absolute must. You are able to talk face-to-face to the persons that are responsible, which is a major difference to contacting someone by phone or email. You also get to know a couple of locals. Besides, most houses and hotels often look different in real life than on a computer screen. We took everything into account to give Victor the best possible preparation. If he leaves for Mexico the 27th of March, he will not have to worry about a single thing once he arrives.”