Diary Victor Campenaerts part 4


In the run-up to the Hour Record attempt, Lotto Soudal will give twice a week an inside look into the preparation of Victor Campenaerts. On the one hand, Victor will talk about the run-up, on the other hand we will each time highlight a specific topic. 

Part 4 – 23 days to go – Countdown till departure

Victor Campenaerts: “Keeping my head down”

“The first two days after I returned from Tirreno – Adriatico were all about recovery. I try to make use of my short stay in Belgium to meet with friends. Tuesday, I went to our partner The Foodmaker in Antwerp for a light lunch and Saturday, I went to eat something with my girlfriend Fanny and my mother. After all, I stayed in Namibia for two months, soon I will be a month in Mexico, another month in the Giro in May and between those races also Tirreno and Tour de Romandie. That way, my social contacts are at a very low level. And it is fun to not talk about cycling for once. On Friday, I slept at an altitude of 2,400 metres and tonight, I will do that again.”

“On Friday, I did a track test in Roubaix. We did not change a thing on my beautiful Ridley. The biggest innovation is the ‘basebar’, the handlebar I will launch myself with during the first lap to reach the cruising speed. A normal basebar is 40 centimetres wide, mine is only 34 centimetres, of course because the basebar will not be used in the over 200 laps to follow, it should thus be as small, light and aerodynamic as possible. But the test was a success. In addition, we paid attention to the position of my head. By fully looking down, I am able to gain some percentages, but then I need to know the track really well of course. Only at the place where Kevin De Weert will be with the tablet, I need to raise my head for an instant to see what my lap time is.”

What requirements need to be fulfilled to perform an Hour Record attempt?

To let Victor Campenaerts take the start at 16 or 17 April, several requirements need to be met. Here are some of them:

* There has to be an approval of the rider’s national federation not later than 60 days before the Hour Record attempt

* The national federation of the country in which the attempt takes place needs to send a ‘letter of support’ to the UCI to state its agreement.

*  The rider needs to be part of the ‘UCI registered testing pool’ and meet all whereabouts requirements. In the case of Victor Campenaerts, this requirement is fulfilled being a WorldTour rider.

* At least 15 days before the Hour Record, the bike needs to be approved by the technical department of the UCI.

* The attempt has to take place on a track, approved by the UCI. World Cup events are being organized in Aguascalientes, so an Hour Record attempt can take place there.

* All agreements about timing need to be made by Tissot, the official partner of the Hour Record. Moreover, two timekeepers of the country in which the attack takes place, manually time the attempt.