Diary Victor Campenaerts part 8


In the run-up to the Hour Record attempt, Lotto Soudal will give twice a week an inside look into the preparation of Victor Campenaerts. On the one hand, Victor will talk about the run-up, on the other hand we will each time highlight a specific topic. 

Part 8: Six days to go – 60 X 14 = 102

Victor Campenaerts: “Everything’s fine!”

“The past week was all about testing. First and foremost, the gear choice. In any case, the cadence on the track is higher compared to the road, but it still needs to feel comfortable in order to keep the right lines and to control your heart rate and breathing. The 59 X 14, 60 X 14, 61 X 14 as well as the 63 X 15 are options. But with the 59 X 14 and the 63 X 15, I would have to maintain a cadence of 104 and as I am a road cyclist by nature, that turned out too high for me. So the 61 or 60 X 14 remained, being 100 to 102 revolutions per minute. That does not seem like a big difference, but it still is. Bradley Wiggins managed to hold 104 revolutions during his attempt, the highest of all modern Hour Record attempts, but he was also trained on the track.”

“Besides, we also searched for the best way to communicate the lap times. During my 30-minute test in Grenchen at the end of September, I rode with earphones, like in a road race but only because the test was focused on the physical activity. You are not allowed to ride with earphones during the Hour Record attempt. I trained so many hours on the track that we were able to extensively research what the ideal place for Kevin with the tablet – which can be used to communicate the lap times – would be. Moreover, we have agreed on some signs to see whether I am on schedule or not.”

“A final important part is keeping the right line. After thousands of laps on the track in Aguascalientes, I’ve become quite familiar with it, so that’s fine. Last Sunday, the Tour of Flanders was ridden. Our day starts at 4h30 in the morning and there is a time difference of seven hours. Above all, there wasn’t any track training scheduled on Sunday, so I watched the final 100 kilometres of the Ronde while training on the rollers. Afterwards, I did another outdoor training session in the beautiful surroundings. The coming days, I will get into recuperation mode, all based on physical and mental rest, the final training stimuli and the right intake of carbohydrates. Six days to go…”