Diary Victor Campenaerts part 9


In the run-up to the Hour Record attempt, Lotto Soudal will give twice a week an inside look into the preparation of Victor Campenaerts. On the one hand, Victor will talk about the run-up, on the other hand we will each time highlight a specific topic.

Part 9: One day to go  – The moment of truth

Victor Campenaerts: “I am ready for it”​​​​​​​

“The last days before the Hour Record attempt are not hard to fill. Three weeks ago, I could already have predicted how they would go. That is exactly what gives me peace and confidence. The tough training sessions are over; now it is important to still stimulate the muscles a bit. In terms of nutrition, it is time for carbo-loading, which means eating as many carbohydrates as possible. Fats, fibers and proteins are mostly eliminated, but even for an effort of 60 minutes, my muscles still need to be fully charged, which is at least as important as the Classics riders in Paris-Roubaix. Throughout the day, I have to take ten to twelve grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight to fill my tank. ”

“The moment of truth is getting closer. My body is totally ready for it. Mentally, I am pretty relaxed due to the perfect preparation. My schedule is minutely planned. Meanwhile, my body has completely adapted to the special biorhythm: getting up at 5 o’clock and going to sleep at 20 o’clock is very easy now.”

“During the past few days, a number of people have arrived in Mexico: Valérie from Lotto Soudal, Toon from Ridley, Wim from Energy Lab, Gert from Golazo; they are all people I know well, which makes it nice to have them with me. The Belgian journalists have also arrived; of course they are familiar with cycling, making the cooperation run fluently. My father arrived on Sunday, together with some friends. During almost all my top performances, he is present or he was in the team car. So he wanted to be here too. By the way, he even made a song about the attempt, called "Full Gazz," and here in Mexico we made some images to integrate into the video clip. I think the song is catchy and it is in everyone’s head."

“I also noticed the hashtag ‘Victor2VictorY’ (see below); I think it is nicely done! For example, Ridley has replaced the ‘Y’ on the frames in Paris-Roubaix with a moustache. Obviously, it is pleasant to see that the Hour Record attempt attracts so much. One day left before it begins. I am ready for it.”


Giving Victor Campenaerts a ‘Y’ through social media in order to help him take an unforgettable victorY: that is the creative idea of the National Lottery and the Lotto Soudal cycling team to support their rider in his attempt to break the Hour Record, currently owned by Sir Bradley Wiggins. A number of athletes with the letter Y in their name have already set the tone, but the goal is of course that Victor will see a massive amount of videos and photos with an Y (and the hashtag #Victor2VictorY) coming his way which will boost his morale to the maximum in order to make it a beautiful day on the track of Aguascalientes (Mexico) the 16th of April...