Lotto Soudal at altitude training camp in Livigno


Also during this year’s month of July, a part of the Lotto Soudal team stays in Livigno for an altitude training camp. While one team is giving their all in the Tour de France, another part is in the popular ski resort Livigno – located in northern Italy – to prepare for the rest of the season. Sports director Mario Aerts talks about how things are going there. 

Mario Aerts: “First of all, Livigno is not too far away. We are at altitude all day long and we rarely go below 1,000 metres. Besides, the training roads are fantastic. For the time being, everybody is training together and it will mainly remain like that. Of course, each rider has his own pace. Climbers, for instance, will cycle faster uphill than sprinters or the somewhat heavier riders.” 

“Apart from myself, there is also a soigneur, a mechanic and a physiotherapist with us. There is no kitchen team needed, because the hotel where we are staying provides the right diet for us.” 

“Something we always do, is climbing the Stelvio on our last day. Apart from that, we also climb some lesser known mountains, all with the purpose of stimulating the production of red blood cells. We’re doing all of that to help our riders perform even better.” 

“The first three days, we took it easy to give the body the chance to adapt to the altitude, but now we twice did a four-hour training ride. We will also pay attention to time trialing.” 

“Some riders stay a little longer in Livigno than others. Victor Campenaerts, for example, trains one week extra. He has taken it easy for now because he will also restart later with the European championship and the BinckBank Tour.” 

“Also here in Livigno, we are closely following the Tour de France. Around three o’clock in the afternoon, everybody goes to his room to be at ease, while cheering for Lotto Soudal. The riders who are here in Livigno focus on fall season.”