Team heads to Mallorca for December training camp


Lotto Soudal is heading to Mallorca today for the annual December training camp. Until Tuesday 18 December the riders will train together on the island and several other activities are planned as well during those ten days. For the second year in a row the team will be staying at the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre.

Marc Sergeant, sports manager Lotto Soudal: “At the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre it’s all about sports, which is completely different than when you’re staying in a standard hotel. There are a number of facilities and many places in the hotel that we can use for meetings or sports sessions. The menu in the restaurant is adapted to sportsmen and that’s a huge asset. Logistically, Mallorca isn’t the easiest destination to travel to, because all vehicles and material need to be transferred by boat, but we can leave everything over there until the Challenge Mallorca at the end of January. Mallorca offers varied routs to cycle. The riders can do a completely flat training, but there are also possibilities to do a tough climb training.”

“Of course the trainings are essential, for example to get the sprint train for Caleb Ewan up and running. But apart from that, the December training camp has several other aspects too. You have the traditional photo shoots in the new outfit and there will be recordings for the digital team presentation. In December also sponsors attend the training camp. Our days will be filled with meetings and information sessions. During the training camp the goals for next season are set and presented. One of the main benefits of the training camp is being together and making sure everyone gets to know each other. It’s very rare that everyone is together. For young riders it’s often weird at first to be around the riders they look up to. During the training camp everyone can spend time together and we can create one tight group.”

All 27 riders will join the training camp, as well as U23 riders Van Moer and Thijssen. Victor Campenaerts gets an alternative training programme. The rider hit his handlebar with his left knee and has incurred an inflammation of the patellar tendon. For now Campenaerts will limit his efforts to swimming, aquajogging, fitness and specific exercises with the physiotherapist.